“I am what time, circumstance, history have made of me… I am also more than that, so are we all.” – James Baldwin

Come With…. Your CHALLENGES

High Stress


Trauma (past and present)

Racial Trauma


Low self-esteem

Difficulty with interpersonal relationships (family, platonic, romantic)

Adults who have undergone foster care / Adoption /transracial adoption experiences

Life transitions

Immigration Stress / Acculturation and Assimilation

Cultural and Family Expectations

Expressing themselves / emotions

Setting Boundaries

Making Decisions

Imposter Syndrome


Struggles with work/life balance / School Life Balance

In Addition, Come With… Your HOPES / DESIRES/ MOTIVATION

To Heal

To Grow

To be more introspective

To be Self-Compassionate

To be Positive

To be Healthy

To make Decisons

To facilitate Change

To Progress

To EVOLVE into your TRUE SELF!